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About us

About TORO

I gave my villa a special and meaningful name…. “TORO”
the name of one of my three beloved dogs.
It has been erected with the goal of becoming a unique landmark of Green Island.
Toro is significant in Japanese; it means the belly part of the tuna fish that is the sweetest, representing the essence of the fish.
Similarly, I hope TORO VILLA will become the rarest, most beautiful and impressive architectural structure on the Green Island.

TORO is a villa that adopted a simple, relaxed, yet elegant design; its floor plans are laid out with family and leisure in mind.
It differentiates itself from the typical B&B commercial atmosphere with a friendly living room, an oceanfront dining room and a casual tatami room.
Additionally, there are three master suites, each with its own special style, Zen, Asian, and Southeast, perfectly suited for any tastes.
It is no surprise that the suites are named after each of my beloved dogs,


Each suite has unobstructed views of the ocean and beach and its own private balcony terrace.
The suites are the highest class accommodations available on the Green Island.