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About us

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Unlike the typical B&Bs on the Green Island, TORO offers an exceptional experience.
The Villa’s patio overlooks its own private beach that stretches several hundred meters.
You can immerse yourself next to the blue sky and expansive ocean with a cup of coffee,
watch the stars in the boundless night sky, or have a joyful family reunion on the private patio:
drinking tea or wine and chatting or listening to the waves.
Another option is to take a leisurely stroll on a long stretch white sandy beach nearby or take advantage of the low tides to visit the reef.
Inside the villa, guests can freely enjoy the facilities with a wide array of activities, just like at home.


Whether guests choose to rent an individual suite or the whole villa, a tea party can be held in the quiet and elegant Tatami family room,
family and friends can enjoy a relaxing social in the bright living space, or your dream of dining in front of the ocean can be realized in our oceanfront dining room.
A large outdoor patio is available for many activities, such as having breakfast, coffee or just to enjoy the ocean breeze.
After sunset, guests can choose to have a romantic candle-light dinner on the patio.
TORO VILLA is truly an inspired destination, offering tranquility and recreation in an unforgettable oceanfront setting.
Choose to stay at TORO to discover all this enchanting island has to offer from the most incredible spot on the island.